Make your own spring jacket with the digital fabrication tools

23.03.2019, 11-16 Uhr (13-14 Lunchbreak)

Place: Happy Lab, Haussteinstraße 4, 1020 Wien

Price: 60 EUR (materials for the jacket included)

No. of participants: 5-10

After the great success with “Lasercut your own Shirt” at the Vienna Design Week 2018, we carry on with a series of workshops which applies Digital Fabrication Tools to fashion. We focus on an experimental use of these machines to produce our own individualized piece of art. 

We teach you all you need to make your own clothes with the lasercutter, starting with a jacket.

You will:

·learn basics of the digital fabrication in fashion

·get a basic clothing pattern for a jacket (or a coat)

·learn how to further individualize it, as suitable for laser cutting

·laser cut and assemble your jacket

·become a proud owner of your individualized, digitally produced, spring jacket!


FRIDAY, DeC 14, 17-21

Zuzka Vaclavik: modularity


Zuzka Vaclavik presents a series of square, acrylic on panel paintings that are meant to function modularly: each painting is made of simple shapes and the orientation of each work can be altered to suit the viewer.

Design elements found in our popular culture and Matisse’s cut paper works continue to be sources of inspiration. The bright, graphic nature of the compositions relates them back to their source material in a kind of loop: various facets of our contemporary visual world, such as pattern and design.

Vaclavik's work is in the permanent collection of the High Museum of Art and has been exhibited at MOCA-Ga in Atlanta, Georgia.


Friday, 23.11.2018, 17-21 Uhr

Laura Arteaga Charlton: Styrovisions


“Form dissolves. Inside becomes outside Object becomes space. My artistic practice is inquiry into the nature of perception. How do we participate in the construction of our reality? Can elements of our perceptual field be rearranged to facilitate a new experience of reality? I use found objects such as cardboard boxes,Styrofoam packing blocks, and photos of the space between things as the starting point in my work. I am interested in negative spaces, disintegrating digital images and all that is forgotten and overlooked. I choose these things because they have very few ideas and mental constructs attached to them. They are therefore more open to taking on new meanings or functioning as portals to the unrepresented.”