meet the label

PHOTO: C.Kienleitner

PHOTO: C.Kienleitner


MaMaMu  is a fine women’s shirt designer label from Vienna, with three distinguishable lines: PLEATS! PRINTS! & IKEA! & theSHIRT modular system

The collection PLEATS! offers innovative shapes, that can be described as a Victorian modern with pleated elements.

The collection PRINTS! focuses on self-designed shirting fabric.

The collection IKEA! comes with easy assemble instructions for the customer. The pieces are laser cut and require no sewing.

theSHIRT modular system is a novelty clothing product and allows customer to indvididualize her look, it is also made in collaboration with other artists.

MaMaMu's shirts are classical and hence timeless and do not refer to any seasonal trends. 

MaMaMu's shirts are made exclusively in the EU with Italian fabrics and Polish trims. 

MaMaMu applies the principles of fair fashion: fair made and fair priced.